1st Event of Amateur Regional Circuit of the Canarian Golf Federation 2022

On Saturday 2 April our course held the first tournament after our reopening in October, after a break of a few months, and we couldn´t be more pleased with the result.

The weather accompanied us and the 120 players were able to enjoy an unrivalled day of sport, making it clear that local golfers started with a big advantage due to the distinctiveness and good condition of our course.

The rankings were quite spread out, therefore the circuit looks promising this year, after its great welcome.


We begin with the women´s categories, with a special mention for Ils Rouckhout, Director of Jet2holidays, and a federated player of our course, as well as a preferential resident.

Scratch Category

The winner of this category was María Velázquez Morales, of Club Buenavista, with 72 shots, followed by Aitana Ramos Martín, of Club Lanzarote and Alicia Fajardo Monzón, of Club Maspalomas, both with 78 shots.

Single Handicap Category

In this women´s category, the top ranked player was Ils Rouckhout, resident player with 70 shots, and a shot behind were María Velázquez Morales and Nerea Montelongo Duarte.

Senior Category

Once again, the winner was the local player Ils Rouckhout, with 70 shots. Three points behind was Conchi Monzón Navarro, of Club Palmeras, and in third place was María del Carmen Susaeta Fe, of Club Costa Teguise, with 77 shots.


In the men´s category, we wish to congratulate our youngest player and a bright hope in this sport, Juan Ángel González Romero, the son of our Master Caddy, Luz Romero, who won the scratch category with a handicap of 1.6.

Scratch Category

The aforementioned Juan Ángel González Romero finished first with 73 shots, followed by Adam Felly and Miguel Martín Zuasti, from the clubs Costa Teguise and Lanzarote Golf, respectively, and both separated by a shot.

Senior Category

In this category, the top ranked players were Christopher John Davison, of Club Costa Teguise, with 64 shots; Luis Rufino López Ruiz, of Club Salinas de Antigua, with 68 shots and with one shot more Jose Alberto González, of Club Los Palos.

1st Category

1st Place: Manuel Lorenzo Montelongo, Club Lanzarote, with 69 shots.

2nd Place: Darren Elliot, Club Costa Teguise, with 71 shots.

3rd Place: Julio Martín Robayna, Club Costa Teguise, with 71 shots.

2nd Category

1st Place: Christopher John Davison, Club Costa Teguise, with 64 shots.

2nd Place: José Luis Pérez Baño, Club Lanzarote, with 69 shots.

3rd Place: Jose Antonio Serrano Pérez, RCG Las Palmas, with 71 shots.

3rd Category

1st Place: Carlos Martínez García, Club Lanzarote, with 66 shots.

2nd Place: Luis Rufino López Ruiz, Club Salinas de Antigua, with 68 shots.

3rd Place: Jose Antonio Serrano Pérez, RCG Las Palmas, with 71 shots.

On behalf of Marga de Luis González, course manager, and his entire team, we once again wish to thank the Canarian Golf Federation for placing its trust in us to be a part of this circuit, which we hope to continue and hold year after year.

For us, it is a great reward for the perseverance and good work, with a direct impact on all the players who support us.