Lanzarote is an oasis of infinite beauty, where playing golf becomes a one-of-a-kind experience. This is why at Lanzarote Golf, we have the utmost respect for its landscape and sustainability is one of our pillars of action. We continuously carry out improvements on the golf course to preserve the flora and fauna around us and to optimise the existing resources.


We have new electric golf buggies, which do not produce any harmful emissions. They do not require any fuel, and only need their lithium batteries charged, ensuring great energy efficiency.

Our lake

For 2023, we’re working to recover the lake in order to optimise the sources of water on the golf course through a new return pump that will bring the water to the irrigation cistern. This action will also bring back migratory birds to the area.


Sustainability is our project for the future. This is why we have an investment plan to create a mini solar park or other projects such as starting our own garden to grow our own vegetables, creating a tree nursery to reforest the golf course with native species or an area to collect different fertilisers and humus, among other things.