Emotional Tournament I Memorial Manuel Borges Ferrer

On August 6th one of the most special tournaments in the history of our facilities took place. Lanzarote Golf had the opportunity to honour the former player and deceased, Manuel Borges Ferrer, known by his closest friends as Manolín.

The tournament had a very high quota of entries, specifically 100 participants, including 10 players from the neighbouring island, Fuerteventura. All of them not only wanted to participate because of their love for the sport, but also to pay tribute to their country companion Manolín and to say their last farewell.

The competition, held on Saturday morning at our facilities, began with the organisation of the players on the course, where the pairs were divided into groups according to their handicaps, to then play the eighteen holes arranged for this tournament. The weather was magnificent for golf and the condition of the course was very good.


Once the tournament day was over, the winners of each category were determined, awarding the three best couples in the scramble modality, which were the following:

  • Tony Lowther and Richard Scott Cooper
  • Jesús Delgado Fontes and Luis Hernández Pérez
  • Emilio Duarte Curbelo and Adelmo Fernández Duque


Once the competition was over, the awards ceremony took place. Both the participants and the organisers went to the Arenas Lounge restaurant, where they enjoyed a cocktail and the awards ceremony.

It is worth mentioning that the players also took part in a raffle of selected prizes from leading golf brands. However, the best memory of the day, according to the players, was being able to pay tribute at all times to their partner and never forgotten friend Manolín who, with his great people skills, had won the affection and respect of all our sporting community.

Lanzarote Golf would like to thank all the participants for their attendance to this tournament, due to the dates of the season; to also thank José Miguel Ferrer, cousin of the deceased, and the local golfers group “Swing del Sur” for proposing the event; and last but not least we would love to acknowledge Ferretería Tías for their contribution to the tournament.