Lanzarote Golf, a golf course with international projection

Lanzarote Golf as a training, competition and leisure course looks forward to welcome as many athletes as possible from all over the world. The main goal is to become a golf reference point internationally and for all golfers. With great ambition the Lanzarote Golf management decided to be a member of the International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO). With the aim of positioning the facilities as a reference destination, both touristic and sporting in the Canary Islands for international clients.

Founded in 1997, IAGTO is the world’s leading golf tourism organisation, with more than 1600 member companies in 87 countries, including 370 golf tour operators in 54 countries. It is a global trade organisation for the golf tourism industry with a very strong membership body. Being part of it means being able to create new business opportunities, both nationally and internationally. This entity helps hotels and golf courses to establish relationships with large travel agencies which sell golf andtour operatorsspecialised in the sector that promote tourism transactions for sporting purposes, including our favourite sport.

The synergy established between IAGTO and its member golf courses means that, through different channels such as travel agencies and the media, their products and experiences are promoted in terms of commercial relations and sales opportunities. This way Lanzarote Golf becomes a destination within the organisation’s options for thousands of golfers.

The weather conditions of the island make our course one of the most attractive sporting venues in the Canary Islands, and in Spain in general. The stunning natural space, with panoramic views of the sea, stands out from other places in Spain. And the service offered by Lanzarote Golf, which works to assist and improve the athletes’ experience every day, makes the difference from other facilities.

Therefore, Lanzarote Golf with the help and expansion that provide being part of the IAGTO includes everything necessary to position itself as a golf course with international projection, ideal to perfect the swing of all golfers in the world.