Great participation, great sportsmanship and fantastic atmosphere at the Open Island of Lanzarote tournament.

The Open Island of Lanzarote tournament held on Saturday 2nd July left a great vibe, bringing together a total of 66 swing lovers participants  at our course, Lanzarote Golf.

In this 2nd edition of the tournament, following the  competition held in 2019, we wanted to keep the same line of fusion between sport and gastronomy. “Where golf and gastronomy come together” and the protagonists were the good competitiveness and the value of the exquisite enogastronomic culture of our island.

In this way, all the attendees were able to enjoy a sporting day where our local wines, cheeses, salmon and more were not missing after an intense day of golf.

More than 60 players had fun trying to complete with the best score our strict course distributed throughout our perimeter area, every day more demanding when it comes to hit the ball on each hole. The modality of the tournament was Individual Stableford shotgun starting at 9:00 am.

As for the prizes, there were 2 special prizes for the closest ball. We would like to highlight the second place in the 2nd category, won by Juan Miguel González Bandera “JUANMI” our 2nd Head of Maintenance. The talent and the teams in Lanzarote Golf keep getting recognition thanks to their potential and practice of the sport day by day in the course.

The tournament was a success, as we can tell through the opinions of the participants and the satisfaction expressed by the sponsors. The regional television, TV Canaria, which was present to cover the most important aspects of the sporting day made echo of the grand event we had and being sponsored by a large number of local and Canarian companies such as: Desatascos Timanfaya, Comunigest Consulting, Bodega Stratvs, Finca de Uga and Cocacola. 

We hope that next year’s Open Island Lanzarote will be as well received, or even better, than this year.

 See you at the next tournament swinging!