Golf Hub – Indoor court

Discover the new golf epicenter in the Canary Islands: Golf Hub!

At Lanzarote Golf, we understand how valuable your time is. We have created the perfect place for you, whether you don’t have time during the week, are looking to improve your game quickly and effectively, want to learn in a fun and safe environment, or simply want to enjoy golf like never before.

Our Golf Hub (Indoor court) features the leading golf simulator technology: Trackman.

We measure and improve your game at an unmatched pace, with 3D precision in real-time, from the trajectory of your shots to the exact landing point of the ball. All while you play on the world’s best courses!

Trackman’s cutting-edge technology allows you to map your swing and quantify the feel versus reality, taking your golf to another level. Play alone or with friends on the world’s most prestigious golf courses.

Our rates adapt to your needs

At Golf Hub, your golf will be measurable, your improvement will be precise, and your fun will be limitless. Come and unleash your potential in our new golf paradise!