15 gifts for golf lovers. 

Gifting nowadays is not an easy task, especially if the recipient of the gift has such a particular hobby as golf. 

Don’t they buy everything they need as the occasion arises? 

Yes, they are usually foresighted. 

Today we have set out to help you surprise that player you have near you. 

Keep reading to have all the clues. 

Gift list for a golfer.

1. Personalized golf balls

One of the things people are most excited about is a personalized gift. This shows that the honoree has been carefully considered, and that the intention is to surprise him, rather than just giving them anything as a gift.

You can order personalized golf balls with an important motif for the player, such as a drawing or a logo. Their name or a special date are other options.

Before purchasing, consider whether the recipient uses a specific brand or hardness.

However, losing a ball from this box must not feel good at all.

2. Club covers

They help protect the clubs from possible knocks and scratches. 

It is normal for each cover to be marked with the number of the club it holds, although driver covers are often unmistakable.

Here imagination has no limits, and you can find from simple covers to the most original ones, with shapes of animals, characters from some known series or any other design that fits the golfer’s personality. 

Woods are the most fragile, which is why they are the ones that, in addition to the driver, usually carry a cover. 

3. Golf watch with GPS

Gifting utility and aesthetics at the same time is possible if you opt for a golf watch with GPS.

They are usually intended for players with a medium-high level of play because their main use is to know distances with precision. 

You can also save the score and then analyze it with the app to which it is connected.

It also includes the basic functions of other activity trackers, such as measuring the distance travelled or keeping track of your heart rate during the game.

4. Laser rangefinder

Also, in the search for precision and exact distance, you can give a laser rangefinder as a gift. 

With it you will be able to know the exact distance of the ball to any point on the hole, either to cover a long distance or to study the speed required for the next shot.

They are usually small in size, and the covers have an adapter so that you can attach it to your bag of clubs. Always looking for the player’s comfort.

5. Multi-purpose tool

They look like Swiss knives, a small base from which many tools come out that will save you from any trouble. 

The one we recommend today includes accessories to solve any situation that may arise in the field. 

For example, a ball brush, a pique adjuster, or a screwdriver

6.Golf clothing

It may seem like a simple gift, but let’s not forget that golf courses are usually strict when it comes to etiquette. 

That’s why any garment will always be a good choice and your options are many. From the simplest garments, such as trousers or polo shirts, to something more original, such as a gilet or a waterproof windbreaker.

7. Golf video games

Do not get tired of golf even after playing 18 holes? 

If he’s not only a golf fan, but also of videogames, he will enjoy like a child playing against the best players on the circuit.

He will be able to design his avatar to his image, create his own style of play or, for the boldest, design his own golf course

The market doesn’t offer a huge variety in terms of golf video games, but every two years an updated version of the PGA Tour for PlayStation is released.

8. Golf books

With ideas to improve your game, expanding your knowledge about your favorite sport, or why not, curiosities from the golf world. 

There are books for all levels of play. 

Does he admire a particular player? Surely there is a biography, a book written by him or in which he explains his technique details.

9. Sensors

They are gradually becoming more and more important, as they have not been on the market for that long.

In fact, you may not know them and discover a new tool that you will love. 

Each club is fitted with a sensor, which is connected to the golf watch. When you pick up the club, it automatically connects to the watch and stores the distance travelled and the position of the ball after the shot.

At the end of the tour, you will have all the data from your game to analyze.

The price is a little high, but success is assured.

10. Golf accessories.

Gloves wear out the fastest, although it is important that they fit well, so make sure you choose the right size.

Additionally, there are certain accessories that are always handy to have, and in good conditions, such as sunglasses with anti-reflective lenses, so that the sun doesn’t bother you when striking the ball while facing it.

Most players use a cap on the field. It’s rare not to protect yourself with something, because if the day is sunny, the exposure will be for several hours. 

11. Practice net

If you live in a house with a small yard or if you have the possibility to practice in a large space, this is a great option. 

You can practice your swing with the whole set of clubs

Perfect for players with limited time to go to the driving range.

12. Ball markers

Marking the balls is important, to know which ball is yours.

It is common for several players to use the same balls, or at least share the same brand.

After hitting a shot, they must look for their ball, and these markers eliminate any possible confusion.

These can be stamps that print the image on the ball, or you can buy templates in the size of the ball with different shapes and designs so that the player can personalize their own ball.

13. Putting mat

There are many players who think that the putt is the most difficult club in the bag.

That’s why it’s so important to practice it, even at home, if you don’t have the chance to go to the course.

This carpet, which can be assembled and stored very easily, can help a lot to improve your putt.

14. Ball display

All players have “those balls” stored up.

The one they were playing when they got their first birdie, eagle, with which they won their first tournament, with which they finished the first round (without losing any).

What gift can be better than a place where you can display them all while protecting them? 

It can be more precious than any trophy. 

15. Gift voucher

Running out of ideas? 

A gift voucher is the best option, and although it may seem simple, it can make them more excited than you think.

From a green fee at a course that is on their wish list but out of your usual budget, to a stay in a hotel with a golf course, so that you can enjoy a few days off doing what you like best.

We hope that whatever you decide, you make the right choice for your gift and most of all, that it helps them enjoy golf.