How to do a golf swing?

Most golfers agree that doing a swing isn´t an easy task. On the contrary, it is something really difficult that requires concentration, strategy and precision.

A good golf swing is determined by a correct posture of the player, the pressure of the grip, speed, the path, and of course, the power of concentration of the golfer.

Golf clubs are manufactured with the best technologies to ensure that the swing isn´t a headache, but perseverance and good positioning by golfers will always be the best remedy.

In this article we will give the swing the importance it deserves.

Continue reading and find out how to do a golf swing,which clubs are best for this and the necessary tips for optimum performance.

What is a swing

The swing is basically the movement that is performed to hit the ball and to do it, the upper part of the body turns back and forth to then strike the ball and send it towards the target.

The issue is that, although it sounds simple, there is very little room for error and learning to do it correctly is crucial for any player.

In turn, some of the difficulties when it comes to doing a swing come from over-analysing before hitting, or due to forced and unnatural techniques.

The ideal thing, in this key moment, is for the body to be relaxed for better execution, along with some tips which we will mention below.

Tips for your position when it comes to doing a golf swing

Body position is key if you want to have success in your next swing.

Hit better with your thumbs facing upward

Havingyour thumbs facing upward, is useful in order to perform a correct movement and to increase tension in hands and wrists. At the point when your upward arms are parallel to the ground, a 90-degree angle is formed with the club and, thus, you can get the club in the correct plane.

Don´t ignore rhythm

As we have already stated, the important thing isn´t the club you are using, but rather perseverance and, in this case, the rhythm of each player. This is because the swing is a repetitive movement where rhythm is essential.

If you want a good impact, maintain the rhythm of your swing and do not waste time forcing the swing with woods and wedges. This will allow you to increase control over the swing.

Leave the club head in suspension

Leaving the head in suspension will benefit you at the start of the swing, which is a very important movement. This is because it prevents the club dragging and getting caught in the grass, therefore, many players suspend the club head in the air just before starting the swing.

How to end the swing

Raise your left heel

By raising your left heel during the upswing of the club, you can experience a more comfortable way of turning back and facilitating the end movement of the swing.

End the swing with the buckle of your belt facing the target

Another very useful resource when it comes to carrying out a perfect turning back movement in the swing, is to pay attention to the direction that the buckle on your belt is facing after the shot.

If it is pointing to the right, you need to improve the hip and leg action.

For an optimal movement, you must end the swing with your buckle facing the target.

Tips for a good swing

Transferring weight

If you manage to correctly transfer weight during the backswing, you will have the chance to make your shots powerful and effective. This is achieved by carrying out that transfer of weight from the tip of your left foot to the heel of your right foot.

Coordination of your shoulders and chin

If you can coordinate to get your left shoulder to cover your chin on the backswing and then your right shoulder to cover it in the follow through, or when you have already hit the shot, you will have a better feeling of movement.

Fasten your right side

At the start of the swing, many golfers resort to locking their right leg and preventing side movements from occurring. Thus, it is possible to have good initial rotation and more confidence when it comes to striking.

Follow the shot

It is important to maintain correct movement, after striking the ball do not withdraw from the shot too soon. It is quite a regular practice in many players and it results in the face of the club closing.

To do so, it is useful to extend your arms during the entire swing and try to imagine that there is a second ball close to the original one, that you have to hit.

Move your left knee towards the target

Many of the tips for amateur golfers also aim to help them with the correct use of their legs.

First, it is necessary to drive your left knee towards the target to begin the downswing. This is recommended because it facilitates the activation of the legs at the point of impact in order to achieve correct transfer of weight.

Another tip is to do the swing with your feet together, as it makes it possible to improve coordination and balance. Thus, the body of the player achieves a certain stability and the movement of the arms and hands is improved.

Definitive step by step guide to improve your swing

Now that you have more information about the golf swing, with this definitive step by step guide, you can put your skills into practice to improve it.

Step number 1: Pay attention to your position in the swing

The first thing to bear in mind to do a good swing, is your position. In order to have a good position you need to open your legs to the width of your hips, while leaning slightly forward and bending your knees. With regard to your arms, they should remain outstretched during the shot.

Step number 2: The start of a good swing

When you begin the swing, gently move the head of the club away from the ball and with your arms extended. This movement must end with the club at a height higher than your shoulder and parallel to the ground with your body coiled up.

Step number 3: Striking the ball

With the above movement finished, you need to strike the ball and to do so, you need to change the direction of the swing. This is done by lowering the club with a hip movement, with which we invert the turning of our body at the same time that we lower the club head.

The key aspect at this point is that the movement should be carried out with controlled force, as this doesn´t end there. Once we manage to hit the ball, we need to continue with the movement, which we will explain in the following step.

Step number 4: The end of the swing

We have reached the final phase of the swing. Returning to the previous step, once you manage to strike the ball, you have to continue the movement, while gradually slowing down. So, you need to continue to produce a kind of arc around your body, making the golf club end up above your head.

How to do a golf swing

In order to do a good swing, it is essential to gradually incorporate these tips. It is also necessary and recommended to put it into practice in order to master it and increase performance shot after shot.