LANZAROTE GOLF receives a great participation in the Stratvs and Sandos Tournaments during the month of June.

Last June Lanzarote Golf programmed two tournaments. The first one, the Stratvs Tournament, was held on the 4th of June with a total of fifty pairs participating. The second, the Sandos Charity Tournament, was held on the 18th with a large number of participants, and the proceeds were donated to the NGO Save The Children.

Stratvs Tournament and fifty couples

Lanzarote Golf hosted the tournament promoted by the prestigious Bodega Stratvs The chosen modality was Texas scramblein pairs with limited places, which made the participation very high. This modality allows playing in pairs and the game is played as follows: all participants go out on each hole with their own ball. Once the shot has been taken, on the next shot the most suitable ball is chosen from those that have been played. From that point on, all players hit again and go on until the hole is finished.

The weather was perfect and brought fifty couples together who were able to enjoy a very dynamic sporting day. The ranking was very evenly distributed between male, female and mixed couples.


  • 1st Couple classified: Juan Angel Gonzalez Romero and Isaac Puerto Rodriguez
  • 2nd Couple classified: José Miguel Ferrer and Luciano Canela (regular players of our course).
  • 3rd Couple classified: Juana Teresa Martín Correa and Antonio Martel López (Costa Teguise Golf players).
  • 4th Couple classified: Paul Hirst from Costa Teguise Golf and Michael Moorcroft from Lanzarote Golf, both regular Lanzarote Golf players.

After finishing the tournament, all players moved to the Bodega Stratvs where a cocktail was offered and the prize giving ceremony was held. At the same time, a raffle of products and services offered by the tournament sponsor, Stratvs, took place. Many participants were lucky enough to win a hotel stay, a basket of local products, dinners, etc. The culmination of the competition was the presentation of trophies specifically for the occasion.

Sandos Charity Tournament in collaboration with Save The Children

The Sandos hotel chain organised a charity tournament at our golf course on 18th June to raise funds for the NGO Save The Children. Of all the entries, 50% went to direct charitable causes for the NGO, whose aim is saving and improving the lives of millions of children around the world.

The modality chosen for this competition was individual Stableford, the most used in the world of amateur golf. This discipline has the great advantage of being able to lift the ball and not finish the hole when the maximum number of strokes established for scoring is exceeded. . In such a way that personal scores are maintained when a player has a bad streak. A particular modality where strategy and technique are put into practice.

The tournament session began with a welcome pack courtesy of the sponsor. After being in the refreshment tent waiting for all participants, the tournament kicked off its day, with all participants in the different categories, classified into female and male, the latter having two different categories in the same. The classifications at the end of the competition were established as it follows:


Female Category:

  1. Gonzalez Rodriguez Ana Maria, Costa Teguise.
  2. Lafuente Rodriguez Margarita, Costa Teguise.
  3. Saez Vidal Carmen, Costa Teguise.

1st Male Category:

  1. Linares Delgado Heriberto, Costa Teguise.
  2. O’ Donovan Timothy Martin, Lanzarote Golf.
  3. Martin Robayna Julio, Costa Teguise.

2nd Male Category:

  1. Rivero Boza Ignacio, RCG Las Palmas.
  2. Cooper Richard Scott, Lanzarote Golf.
  3. Rivero Boza Juan, RCG Las Palmas.

Finally, the hotel chain made available to the players a lunch, in finger cocktail format at the end of the tournament. All players were able to share the moment with their companions, who contributed with the amount of 10€ that went entirely to raising funds for Save The Children. Afterwards, the participants attended to the presentation of trophies and, in addition, a raffle with several prizes. The price of the participation tickets also went entirely to the fundraising.

This tournament organised by Sandos Hotels managed to raise a total of 1,410€ through the participation of 47 players. That, added to the donations and the purchase of tickets for the raffle, raised a total of 2,405€ for Save The Children.

This charity tournament consists of two sessions, the first one held at our course. The second session will be held on the 3rd of September at Costa Teguise Golf. It also has a special price for members of the course and, like the one held in Lanzarote Golf, 50% of the profits from the participation of the players will be donated to Save The Children.