New course measurement taken by Royal Spanish Golf Federation.

On Wednesday 23 February, two technicians from the Royal Spanish Golf Federation (R.F.E.G) travelled from Madrid to our golf course to take the new course measurements.

The Royal Spanish Golf Federation is a private non-profit making Association, with legal status and its own equity independent of that of its associates. Every 2 years, the Royal Spanish Golf Federation must take measurements at each golf course, in case there have been changes or modifications to the course. The aim is for measurements to be as close as possible to the actual course in order to aid players. Each hole is measured with a projection along the horizontal plane with topography instruments, from the fixed marker to the centre of the green.

In terms of our involvement, we must:

  • Place a fixed marker for each tee measured and evaluated.
  • Keep the fixed marker in its place, in a way that it is clearly visible.
  • Indicate these measurements on the course card and on its signs.
  • Assign the handicap of holes.

Our Sporting Director, Adrián Badenas was responsible for accompanying the technicians on the entire journey across the course on board our new electric buggies with 0 pollutant gas emissions, which are so largely to blame for global warming and the pollution in our planet. They do not use any kind of fuel, simply the charge from their lithium batteries, thus obtaining greater energy efficiency.

Lanzarote is an oasis of infinite beauty, where playing golf becomes a one-of-a-kind experience. At Lanzarote Golf we work with maximum respect for its landscape and sustainability is one of the pillars of our actions. Each day we strive to make improvements to the golf course that respect the plants and wildlife around us and by optimising current resources.

It is a pleasure for us to have this new assessment of the course and we wish to thank the Royal Spanish Golf Federation for its validation.